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The Alec Costin Collection

Listed by Jack Roberts
This is a guide to the Alec Costin collection. This guide was produced as part of a project to archive the legacy of Alec Costin, an internationally respected Australian alpine ecologist. As a scientist, activist and government advisor, Costin was instrumental in the conservation of the Australian Alps over the course of eight decades from 1946 through to the 21st century. This large and diverse collection, compiled by Costin himself, was systematically organised, stored, preserved and catalogued by the eScholarship Research Centre at The University of Melbourne. The collection constitutes an important resource for scientists and other researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, offering a unique insight into the study of ecology and the history of conservation in Australia, particularly as it relates to the changing vegetation and landscapes of the Australian Alps. This guide provides a useful tool for such investigations by allowing researchers to easily identify and find the contents of records held in the collection. Additional records may be added to this collection in the future. [Details]

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Published by the eScholarship Research Centre on 30 June, 2020
Listed by Jack Roberts
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Updated 30 June 2020

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